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One Ingredient Burgers: What’s the Hype?

One Ingredient Burgers: What’s the Hype?

Few & Far’s signature product is our One Ingredient Beef Burger made from 100% Australian beef with no fillers, binders, preservatives or artificial flavours.

Turns out, one ingredient is all you need.

Our signature product is a One Ingredient Beef Burger. You may be wondering, “What is a One Ingredient burger?” But the real question is: Why are One Ingredient burgers so good?!

First off, let’s be clear, that one ingredient is 100% premium Australian beef. We don’t use fillers or binders, preservatives, or artificial flavours. 

Using 100% beef means the burger is all about the quality of the meat itself resulting in a full flavour and better eating experience.

These burgers will change the way you order burgers forever. Trust us.

“Burgers don’t get better than these. There is only one secret ingredient to a juicy, delicious burger and that’s 100% quality beef. Nothing else,” Andy Hearnden, Executive Chef Few & Far Food Professionals said.

When raw, a burger with fillers and binders will look pale and consistent in colour whereas a One Ingredient burger will be brighter pink/red because it blooms like steak. In a One Ingredient burger, you will also be able to see the separation of fat and lean meat in your raw patty. This is known in the industry as CL (Chemical Lean) and is a key characteristic of a good burger.

When you cook a One Ingredient burger, fat will render from the patty. In a generic burger, the fillers and binders added to it will retain this fat making for a burger that is greasy to the pallet and rubbery in texture.

“Burgers made with a single ingredient, especially when using high-quality, grain-fed beef, provide superior texture and flavour,” said Andy.

“Rather than paying for fillers, binders, and preservatives, invest in quality that will have customers coming back for more,” he said.

The Few & Far Food Professionals One Ingredient Beef Burger is available in both formed or smash burgers. We can also deliver new and bespoke products, menu and flavour solutions for our diverse range of customers, from QSR, casual dining, pubs and clubs, to cafes and institutional customers.

Available nationwide in 150g or 180g serving sizes, layer pack or easy peel packaging and with a shelf life of 365 days, why bother with preservatives in the first place?

If you’re looking to upgrade the burgers at your venue, add our Few & Far One Ingredient Burgers to the menu.

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