Doing business with us

At Kilcoy Global Foods, we understand the patience and persistence required to land the right solution and share a passion across the group for how we can collaborate with our customers and one another to shape the future of food.

R&D is in our DNA — we are always learning, testing and tasting to make the most of each source product and develop innovative, replicable processes. With a global footprint, we are continually pushing the envelope and exploring new ideas, big and small, with no compromise on quality, safety and taste.


The origin of our food is important to us and our customers


We operate under stringent quality assurance and quality control measures


We have a global footprint that spans every step of the food journey


We make the most of each source product and develop innovative replicable processes


We go the extra mile to find the right solution for each customer’s unique situation


Our customers’ customers enjoy every mouthful and come back for more