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Kilcoy global foods wagyu program a winner

Kilcoy global foods wagyu program a winner

Kilcoy Global Foods (KGF) has scooped another pool of awards, this time winning a duet of Gold Medals at the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition which was recently held in Melbourne.

Fearn Cholerton, Kilcoy Global Food’s Senior Vice President of the Australian Northern division said he was thrilled to win such prestigious awards in such esteemed company with no less than 46 entrants representing 31 world class brands.

“It’s a very rigorous judging process with a panel comprising 32 food and beef industry experts who determined that the two KGF wagyu brands, Carrara and Jade, were gold standard, best in class.

“As a proud producer of high quality Australian beef, we are particularly proud of our Wagyu program and the success we have experienced is a result of the strong focus and investment we have undertaken in recent years.


“As a business we have set out to become Australia’s leading supplier of the finest quality Australian Wagyu, consistently delivering a luxurious eating adventure.  Of course, the commercial success of our Wagyu program to date has been a reward for our commitment to the program, however being recognised by our industry peers as having not one, but two Gold Medal wagyu products is something quite special.

“Despite the many and varied challenges faced by our industry over the previous two years in particular,  we have continued to stay true to our core brand values ensuring that every Wagyu product that has left our facility has been world class with respect to eating quality.  We believe we have something very unique and differentiated to offer and customers and consumers have responded in kind,” Fearn said.

KGF are fast becoming the food solutions business renowned for immensely premium product experiences, with a broad range of premium products that meet a range of selective and sophisticated consumer needs.

The Carrara wagyu brand has built an enviable reputation over a number of years and is classified in the KGF stable as an “ultra-premium” product. Carrara wagyu is a cross bred product that exudes incredibly complex yet delicate flavours that blend perfectly to deliver a superior eating experience and has featured regularly in beef industry awards.

The new Jade brand, classified in KGFs brand muster as an “elite level” product, is a pure-bred pedigree wagyu that is raised in a select and elite herd amongst the pristine grasslands of the Western Downs of Queensland. This prized and resource-rich area of Australia is known to produce some of the finest meat in the world and Jade is no exception.

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Together, these elite KGF brands from an award winning Wagyu program is taking on the world and in the process they are exciting chefs and discerning diners by delivering an unforgettable eating experience.

To find out more about our the Carrara or Jade brands please visit: