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Simply Unparalleled

Decadence has arrived. Carrara Wagyu is renowned for its marbling, inspired by the intricate, feathery patterns found in the world’s finest marble – Carrara marble. With a buttery texture and intense flavour derived through first-class genetics, the multi-award winning Carrara Wagyu is an experience to savour.

The Story of Carrara

Carrara Wagyu is the result of a complex selective breeding program we embarked on with our trusted pastoralists, along with the proprietary grain feed for a minimum of 350 days. The goal: to deliver the best Australian Wagyu to your plate.

An experience that comes from nature

Carrara Wagyu originates from some of the most pristine, nutrient-rich pastures in Australia, where our cattle are meticulously cared for in a low-stress environment. This delivers an incredibly rich flavour and buttery texture that can only be derived from nature.

DNA-verified Pedigree

Produced from direct descendants of Japanese Wagyu Herdbook livestock, comparable to herds in modern-day Japan, the range features DNA parent verification for animals registered with the Australian Wagyu Association Herdbook. The selective breeding program of full blood wagyu sire delivers a F1/F2 cross bred product that is discernibly different to its competition.
Carrara Wagyu
Every cut of Carrara Wagyu meets exacting standards to deliver a world class eating experience.
Average Carcass Weight
Wagyu (Angus cross), HGP-free
Marbling performance ration Grain fed, min 350 days on feed
Marble Score
MB 3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 and 9+
Temperature Chilled
0-2 degrees celcius
Temperature Frozen
Below -10 degrees celcius
Shelf life bone in chilled
90 days
Shelf life boneless chilled
120 days
Shelf life frozen
24 Months
Open Specifications+

The Magic Marble

Explore our diverse range of primal beef cuts. Featuring exquisite marbling, consistent quality and an unparalleled selection, you’ll find a cut to satisfy even your most discerning customers. 
Carrara Wagyu

Our Certifications

Halal Certified
Livestock Welfare Logo-1
AAWCS Certified
Livestock Welfare

An Award-Winning Brand

2024 WBBC_Class Three -GOLD
2024 WBBC_Class One - GOLD

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Multi-award Winning Carrara

June 14, 2019

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