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Collaborative Partnerships

Many of our partnerships are built on years of trust, shared capabilities, a passion for industry innovation, and working together to continuously improve. We've always had the same shared goal: to deliver responsibly raised, high-quality products with an unforgettable eating experience.

Our producers are based in some of Australia's most renowned livestock regions, which enables us to bring our customers fresh, natural, healthy and convenient food solutions.

Partnering with Australian farmers

We partner with Australia farmers to source the highest quality livestock from the most suitable regions, year round.

Our network of Australian farmer partners is united by a shared respect for the environment and their animals, as well as a commitment to produce the best grain-fed and grass-fed livestock.

Sourcing from Australia’s Largest Feedlots

As a leading grain-fed beef provider, our feedlot partners are some of the largest and most innovative in Australia. 

These partners prioritise the health and performance of our livestock with expert nutritionists devising balanced diets for cattle to ensure both their nutritional requirements and performance targets are met.

Working with World-Class Breeders

We have established partnerships with exceptional Australian breeders to purchase top-quality livestock.

Our breeder partners use structured breeding programs with a focus on maximum genetic progress and accurate performance recording to ensure their livestock are the best of the best.