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Passion for creating food the world loves to eat

Since 1953, Kilcoy Global Foods has built a global reputation for quality and innovation. We relentlessly pursue new ways to create fresh, natural, healthy and convenient food solutions designed to meet the unique needs of any customer.

Beef Solutions

We’ve been producing premium Australian beef for over 70 years. Our beef solutions are known for their high quality and for delivering a superior eating experience.

Lamb Solutions

We specialise in grass-fed lamb sourced from trusted producers across southern Australia. This contributes to solutions that are leaner, finer in texture and full of flavour.

Goat Solutions

Our grass-fed goats are sourced from the highest quality producers to deliver a premium offering year-round.

Sheep Solutions

Our grass-fed Merino sheep are sourced from high-quality smallstock local farms across southern Australia.

Cuisine Solutions

Kilcoy Cuisine Solutions produces custom solutions in collaboration with our foodservice and retail customers.

Nutrition Solutions

Premium beef organs are in high demand for their rich nutritional content. Our nutrition range is produced with innovative spray drying technology, converting raw material into a fine powder, packed with protein, vitamins and minerals.

Co-Products Solutions

Suitable for domestic and international markets, our co-products program produces chilled and frozen offal, animal hides and skins, processed to the highest standards.