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Just as Nature Intended 

Established in 1973, Hardwicks produces superior grass-fed lamb, beef, sheep and goat solutions graded to deliver a robust, tender, and juicy eating experience, time and time again. 

Our Story

Starting out as a small family-owned business, Hardwicks has been providing fresh, high-quality produce from local southern Australian farms for over 50 years.

Australian Excellence

A true paddock-to-plate experience, Hardwicks works with local partners in southern Australia to use sustainable farming methods. This ensures the continued health of the land and the highest standards in animal welfare.

A Full Range of Quality Products

Hardwicks produces grass-fed beef, lamb, sheep and goat products, sold chilled or frozen. Raised in southern Australia in a cool climate with regular rainfall and naturally rich pastures, our partner farmers pride themselves on the animals they raise, delivering a consistent flavoursome product.

Reliable Supply

Our specialised smallstock processing plant has state-of-the-art facilities with a highly efficient and reliable system for processing red meat solutions. This guarantees year-round quality supply and the capability to tailor our product offering to suit your specifications.


Hardwicks premium grass-fed beef is sourced from the lush southern regions of Australia, where our cattle have access to some of the most pristine pastures that Australia has to offer, delivering full flavour and tender beef.


Hardwicks grass-fed lamb products are world-renowned for their tender, juicy and full-flavoured eating experience and unparalleled quality.

Sheep & Goat

Hardwicks have been providing fresh, high-quality smallstock produce from local farms for almost 50 years. We have hand-picked only the highest quality goat and sheep producers and work together to ensure a premium and consistent product all-year round

Our Certifications

Halal Certified
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AAWCS Certified
Livestock Welfare

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