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Few & Far is Flavour, Quality 
and Consistency

Few & Far is your food solutions partner, creating innovative protein and meal solutions that are fresh, natural, healthy, and convenient.

Our value-add portfolio includes multi protein ready to cook and ready to heat solutions from portion cut steaks, burgers, and marinades to sous vide and seared solutions, delivering convenience, quality and consistency for every plate.
No artificial colours or flavours
No artificial fillers or binders
Halal certified
Burgers don’t get better than these. There is only one secret ingredient to a juicy burger that is brimming with flavour – 100% quality beef. Nothing else.
- Andy Hearnden


Few & Far Food Professionals are a leading provider of high quality, innovative products for the foodservice industry. Our team of experts includes professional chefs who create back of house protein and meal solutions that will increase efficiencies in your business while delighting your customers.


Few & Far Butcher Co. is our retail range that empowers at-home cooks to create restaurant-quality meals from their own kitchen. Products balance convenience without sacrificing taste or quality.

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