Responsible Sourcing

As a nature-to-plate food solutions enterprise, responsible sourcing is paramount to our food journey.

Kilcoy Global Foods has very clear expectations of trading partners, ensuring the values of the company are shared and lived on a daily basis.

Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance and the implementation of the highest food safety control measures throughout the entire supply chain must be shared by our trade partners and is the reason we have such a strong record of safe and reliable product.

At Kilcoy Global Foods we take animal welfare seriously and care for animals in a considerate and humane manner.

To ensure the highest treatment of all our animals, we hold accreditations including the Livestock Welfare Program, Safe Food Queensland accreditation, AUS-NEAT accreditation, AAWCS certification and USDA regulations.

Additionally, our livestock handlers are fully trained and competent to AMIC standards and treat our cattle with the high level of respect and quality of care they deserve.

We believe the treatment of our animals is reflected in our product quality and we continue to achieve world-class standards to source and treat wholesome meat and seafood.